Joshua Spears

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author Motivational Speaker & Author

Corporate speaker TESTIMONIAL

Hear what a recent event planner and audience member had to say after one of Joshua's presentations. 

Fly their kite: the amazing influence we have on our team.

At times we need to be reminded as leaders of the amazing privilege we have to lead others.   This sixty second video was to an audience of managers for a national company. It will showcase Joshua's ability as a keynote speaker to engage and drive change for your team unlike any other motivational speaker.

Corporate Motivational Speaker


Staff Retention

Great employees are hard to find.  When they feel valued they not only stay they thrive! Hiring a great motivational speaker can leave a lasting impact on your team.

  • As leaders or co-workers our relationships with our fellow employees can make all the difference in our turnover numbers.
  • A great keynote speaker can help your team understand the influence they have on others. This will help create an inclusive environment where everybody wants to work. 


Staff Morale

Teams that see themselves and others at their best perform to their highest potential.

  • How we see "us" is a timeless universal principal that drives positive behavior and performance.
  • When we choose to show others value we increase their morale and help them realize their potential.
  • As a motivational speaker and keynote speaker Joshua takes passion in providing this for corporate audiences. 


Driving Results

Hiring a great motivational speaker will leave a lasting impact that will help  give you a more productive team as they perform with purpose!

  • Customized to fit your industry, your team's view of the work they perform will be reshaped.
  • Helping your team find a deeper connection to your company than their salary.

Finding the deeper purpose to your work

Finding the deeper purpose to the work we do is something all of us can benefit from.  This short segment helps reveal that our purpose is often right in front of us. This video gives you a glimpse of how as a keynote speaker Joshua will inspire your team to become aware of the amazing purpose they have, right now.

Leadership keynote speaker

As a leadership keynote speaker Joshua has an powerful way of communicating to his audience.  This one minute video shares just one of the many key ideas he delivers. This video was filmed at one of the many leadership conferences Joshua was the keynote speaker for in 2019! s great video

Conference keynote speaker

The life changing ideas we are all looking for are right in front of us.

the idea of a Personal Revolution

We all are looking for that next level.  This video shares some great ideas on ensuring we maximize the moments we are in right now! As a motivational speaker and keynote speaker Joshua will help your team find their next level.