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Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author Motivational Speaker & Author

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At times we need to be reminded as leaders of the amazing privilege we have to lead others.  Having a great keynote speaker can make a huge different with your team.  This sixty second video was to an audience of managers for a national company.

Corporate Speaker Testimonials

A short one minute video of what just a few people said after attending The Grow Your Business Workshop that Joshua was the keynote speaker for.

Corporate Programs: Finding the deeper purpose to your work

Finding the deeper purpose to the work we do is something all of us can benefit from. This short segment helps reveal that our purpose is often right in front of us. As a corporate speaker Joshua works with a deep passion to help your team find their purpose.

Mental Health Awareness & Suicide prevention

This powerful video showcases one of the moving moments of the Personal Revolution Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention program. Hiring the right motivational speaker or keynote speaker can help your group expose the lie that they are alone, nobody cares and there is not help available for everybody! 

Letting go of the past

Many of us are carrying things from the past.  Past mistakes, failures or troubled relationships haunt many of us.  This video is a short clip to show how Joshua helps his audience expose and gain freedom from this weight.

A moment can change us forever

It is often asked why a group should have a guest speaker.  This short video shares how important special moments in our lives can be!

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What people have said about Joshua's Programs

Does it relate?

 “Josh’s presentation today was really great!  Very inspiring, he does a great job relating to the audience”
Ashton Judis Director: 

Service Leadership Program Defiance College  

Is it of high quality?

"I thought he was great!  I have seen a lot of speakers in the past twelve years and I will tell you, none match him”  

Diane Dryer: 

Program Director of “From Decisions to Actions”

Does it make a difference?

 “Thank you Joshua for showing me the purpose of my work!” 

Joanne: Business Conference Attendee

Does your group need it?

 You must continue to share this message.  People need to hear it!” 

Does it drive change?

 “It was great!  Our team was so inspired by the keynote speaker! We are so happy we booked with him!” 

Josie: Event Planner

Does it impact culture?

 “It was very motivational! I did not realize the impact I have on my co-workers and employees” 

Conner: Business Conference Attendee