Joshua Spears

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author Motivational Speaker & Author

High energy speaker!

This is a great example of the passion and energy Joshua creates in his programs.

LEadership keynote speaker video

As a leadership keynote speaker Joshua has an powerful way of communicating to his audience.  This one minute video shares just one of the many key ideas he delivers. This video was filmed at one of the many leadership conferences Joshua was the keynote speaker for in 2019!

Looking for a one pager? Please download below.

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Student Motivational Speaker


Be the leader your world needs!

Leadership Motivational Speaker: Middle School, High School, College keynote speaker

No matter who they are, you have the power to help others become who they want to be. Joshua has over a twenty-years of management experience managing hundreds of employees. During this program Joshua shares with students the great privilege they have to be leaders among their peers. By learning to value who you are you are more equipped to effectively lead others. By understanding your role as a leader in your school you have an great opportunity to make the lives of those around you better.

Students will come away with…..

  • A gust of inspiration to be a positive force in their school.
  • Steps they can take daily to prepare themselves for their task of changing the world.
  • The amazing influence they can have on the people they come into contact with.
  • A great understanding that these skills will help them their entire life.


Personal Revolution (Suicide Prevention)

Suicide Prevention Speaker: Middle School, High School, College

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens. As a national motivational speaker Joshua has a deep passion for this topic because during a season of his life he battled depression and suicidal thoughts. He shares his story with the students and challenges those in the audience who are struggling to reach out right away. Not everyone deals with these issues, but everyone can help. Joshua shows the entire student body how they can help save a life. This program will tug at the heart strings, but it shares with students steps they can take to drive change in their lives and the lives of others. It shows them there is a way out, but the journey starts by looking within.

Personal Revolution is designed to help the students have that “aha” moment where they “get it” and that there is an amazing life to be lived beyond the challenging season they may be currently in. This is accomplished with a highly interactive exciting program that leaves the students all fired up but yet equipped to be a positive force in their school. As a keynote speaker Joshua ensures Personal Revolution can be adjusted to fit any evidence based school suicide prevention programs you currently have in your school.

Students will come away with…..

  • A great understanding of their amazing value.
  • Resources they can use to battle their challenges.
  • An understanding of what others around them may be going through.
  • The fact that the season they may be in is temporary and they have an amazing future.


Motivational keynote speaker video

During this quick video Joshua shares a few key ideas that can unleash our potential and give us the ability to live with passion and purpose.