Joshua Spears

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author Motivational Speaker & Author

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Tearing down walls!

"All in" for your event!

Tearing down walls!

Joshua's programs are designed to help open the lines of communication.  Talking about this challenging epidemic can help people see the help that is available for them.  It is not only very helpful for those struggling, but also very encouraging and engaging for others, helping them see they are part of the solution.  There is a very powerful call to action for all in attendance to be engaged in the solution.


Personal but fun!

"All in" for your event!

Tearing down walls!

Joshua shares his stories about his battle with depression and mental health.  While this is essential to connect to his audience he also spends most of the time on solutions and ways to get the help.  He has several fun and engaging portions of this program that lighten the moment but are effective and sending a consistent message.  


"All in" for your event!

"All in" for your event!

"All in" for your event!

Joshua talks about depression and suicide because he has made it his personal mission to help people.  His book Personal Revolution is something that is often added into his program packages.  Joshua is so passionate about his work he often makes himself available to meet with people individually after his events.   

You are not alone!!

This short video shows how Joshua as a motivational speaker does more than talk to his audience!  He creates a potentially life changing moment with them!  A moment they can see and feel all the help and love available to them!

who are the programs for?


Bringing people together

Most organizations have mental health awareness and suicide prevention programs in place.  The challenged with this is most people  don't always know the help available to them.  They feel alone and like they have to face these challenges alone.  Joshua's program destroys these barriers and helps people feel and see the support available to them.  Joshua is not a replacement for your mental health awareness programs, he is dedicated to help make it more effective by showing its value and power.

Who are the programs for?

The simple answer is everybody! Middle Schools on up to corporate, military  and community organizations have had Joshua in to help their group.  Mental health challenges and suicide are an issue that impact all ages and stages of life!  While Joshua alters his program significantly depending on the group the goal is the same!  Help people see they are amazing, have great value, and they can overcome these issues.

What size of groups are these programs for?

Depending on your organization and the needs you have there are programs for all sizes.  In 2019 so far Joshua has done small intimate settings with 10-20 people and also large programs speaking to 2000 +.  These programs are each a little different depending on your group but the goal and outcome is the same.  As and experienced motivational speaker and guest speaker Joshua can ensure your group gets what it needs.

Your Revolution is one idea away

As a suicide prevention speaker Joshua covers the data about suicide but also inspires the audience to view a few key things in a new way.  

Life as a movie

 As a suicide prevention speaker Joshua has an powerful way of communicating to his audience.  This one minute video shares just one of the many key ideas he delivers.  While Joshua speaks to his audience about mental health awareness he also shares with them their unlimited potential.

Let it go!

This quick video is a clip from one of Joshua's programs.  It showcases the engagement with the audience, as well as a powerful story everyone can relate to.