Joshua Spears

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author

Motivational Speaker & Author Motivational Speaker & Author

Keynote Speaker For Educators


Personal Revolution (Educator Focus)

Keynote Speaker and Motivational Speaker for Teachers and Educators.

Hope and inspiration can be the motivation and fuel for our under payed, and often under appreciated, educators in this country. As a student Joshua was diagnosed as “Emotionally Impaired” and had several challenges at home. He was more than a handful for all his teachers coming up. Through the heroic acts of many teachers he was able to turn his life around. These stories and sharing the fruit of these heroic teachers work is a great inspiration to those who work in education. From elementary to college, there were teachers who invested overtime in to a “throwaway kid” that helped him grow in to the person he is today. Joshua is passionate about this topic because he knows without their work in his life he would have not changed. Teachers are inspired by this program because on some level they have all had students that are difficult. Seeing the potential of their work fills them with passion and energy to continue pouring into the lives of their students. This program is perfect for Teacher Inservice programs as well as educator appreciation events and conferences.

Educators will come away with…

  • A great feeling of excitement about the amazing work they are doing.
  • The passion and energy needed to perform their roles with excitement even on bad days.
  • Steps that can be taken to work to reach the difficult students.
  • The understanding that the work they are doing is making a difference even if they can not always see it.